John Byrd

Costa Mesa, CA
me at johnbyrd dot com (PGP key)


  • Twenty-four years of key game industry experience, twenty years in management
  • Real-world experience managing large game projects
  • Extensive relationships with game industry people and businesses
  • Deep technical knowledge of game audio
  • Proven passion for helping game developers


Chief Executive Officer
Gigantic Software
Irvine, CA
October 2006 – present
Founded company. Made and sold audio middleware and tools. Customers include Sony, Disney, Technicolor, Konami, Electronic Arts. Completed console license agreements with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Wrote novel DSP code and tools for next-generation consoles. Millions of copies of games sold using company’s technology. Filed patents on new designs. Gave multiple presentations at GDC. Invited speaker at USC’s Interactive Media and Games Division.

Chief Operating Officer
CRI Middleware Co., LTD (Sega)
San Francisco, CA
March 2003 – October 2006
Founded US division. Sold CRI’s audio middleware products, originally developed by SEGA-AM2, into US markets. Cultivated leads, demonstrated products, answered deep technical questions, and negotiated contracts and payment schedules with most major US game publishers. Built profitable business in under three years.

Principal Engineer
San Francisco, CA
Sep 2002 – Mar 2003
Created the SNAP SDK for online console game development. Devised and managed product schedule. Rewrote online code for XBox and Gamecube, and assisted with PS2 version.

Senior Project Manager
Electronic Arts
Redwood City, CA
Feb 2002 – Apr 2002
Tasked and scheduled 61 artists, engineers and production personnel for Freekstyle, a high-profile action-sports game. Managed integration of audio surround features into the game.

San Francisco, CA
Sep 2001 – Jan 2002
Edited game mathematics gems in Game Programming Gems 3, published by Charles River Media. Founded Bosslevel and acquired support from major game companies.

Director of Development Technology
Sega of America
San Francisco, CA
Aug 1997 – Mar 2001
Created the Sega Dreamcast (Katana) SDK . Managed North American developer technical support for Sega Dreamcast. Developed, integrated and quality-assured several Sega Dreamcast core libraries and development tools. Created Internet-based support system. Built relationships with developers and partner companies. Managed full-time staff of thirteen; coached and improved engineers and non-technical staff.

Senior Engineer
The 3DO Company
Redwood City, CA
Feb 1994 – Aug 1997
Wrote and taught courses at 3DO University, including the first-ever professional curriculum for game audio. Wrote code and provided other technical assistance for Windows, M2 and 3DO development teams. Developed demo programs and content for 3DO system software. Wrote installers for multiple PC games.

Applications Engineer
Archibus, Inc.
Boston, MA
Sep 1991 – Sep 1993
Designed, wrote and integrated CAD and database systems. Produced training videos using 3D Studio. Wrote users’ and programmers’ documentation and manuals. Wrote proposals for new systems. Provided technical support to end users.


Harvard College: B.A. in Computer Science, June 1991. Microsoft Scholar, 1990. Major classwork in Harvard’s Electronic Music Studio. Lectured on interactive audio at University of Southern California. Found and ethically reported remote code execution vulnerability in Crypto++. Top Writer on computer science on Quora, averaging 60k views per week, with over 4.9M total views.